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The Team

Rich Veltrop and Glenn Sawyer have a lot in common: a passion for all types of music, a meticulous attention to detail and an incredible work ethic. However, like most partners, it’s the differences between them that make them a powerful force. Rich has an uncanny ability to dial into the heart of a song and find the perfect tone and balance within a piece. Glenn has a natural ear for unique parts and specific arrangements. It’s this combination of skills that allows them to excel at capturing authentic sounds within a broad range of musical genres.

Studio Tour

We’re as passionate about capturing your music as you are about creating it. With 30 years of production experience between us, we take great care to determine what makes a song tick. Then, we utilize our nuanced production techniques to draw out the qualities that make the song authentic to you. No two songs are the same, so there’s no single formula to producing quality pieces. We tailor our production to what each song needs and the result is a powerful product that delivers the results you want. We think you’ll like what we’ve done. Take a look!

The Space

The Spot feels different from other recording studios—because it is different. The Spot is a recording studio that’s owned by producers—not a studio that rents space to producers. Because The Spot is used only by us, we’ve been able to set it up just the way we like it to offer a multitude of production options in a very comfortable setting. Whether tracking disco drums in The Theatre or “Bonhamesque” drums in The Cathedral, we have the space to provide a wide variety of natural ambiences. Artists also enjoy the open, light-filled control room and the spacious Artist’s Apartment that comfortably sleeps six.

Who We Are

Glenn Sawyer


Glenn is really good at drinking coffee but is even better at making music. A dynamic musician, Glenn’s strength as a producer lies in his ability to understand and elevate the artist’s vision, as well as his willingness to push musical boundaries and take risks. Glenn’s lifelong dedication to music has resulted in a keen ear, along with the skills to both produce and write in a variety of styles…

Rich Veltrop


Rich Veltrop, a music professional for 25 years, worked in L.A. with top producers and artists such as Tom Petty, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Macy Gray, Kenny Loggins. In 2001, Rich teamed up with mega-producer Sylvia Massy to create RadioStar Studios in Weed, CA. As chief engineer and in-house producer/co-producer, he helped Sylvia grow her one-room facility into a five-room complex. During his…


Studio Princess/Pig

Bailey is one sassy, biscuit eating bulldog.  The queen of The Spot, this ten year old pit bull is most fond of long walks from the couch to the biscuit box and lying in the sun.  If you bring a big box of biscuits, Bailey will make a cameo on your record for sure!  She makes a great cuddle buddy too.  Be forewarned:  Bailey doesn’t come to you…you go to…

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