Glenn Sawyer

Glenn is really good at drinking coffee but is even better at making music. A dynamic musician, Glenn’s strength as a producer lies in his ability to understand and elevate the artist’s vision, as well as his willingness to push musical boundaries and take risks. Glenn’s lifelong dedication to music has resulted in a keen ear, along with the skills to both produce and write in a variety of styles and genres. As such, he is capable of not only helping to shape an artist’s existing sound but also giving life to an entirely new sound. Equally comfortable dissecting the minutiae of individual parts and dealing with large-scale arrangements, Glenn is an invaluable asset to any musical project.

Glenn’s unique skill set is the result of a lifetime of musical experiences. Growing up, Glenn pursued classical piano before picking up the guitar in high school. His musical journey continued at Florida State University where he graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in Music. Slowly finding himself drawn to the recording arts, Glenn attended Full Sail University where he graduated in 2009 with an A.A. in Recording Arts and in 2010 with an M.A. in Entertainment Business. He then cut his teeth working with producers Andrew Wade and Sylvia Massy before teaming up with Rich Veltrop and launching The Spot.

Glenn Sawyer Discography

Mule Dixon, Marisa Nikole, The Truth & The Spectacle, Get Along, Kali Rae, Dead End Drivers, Air Dubai, VTM, Lauren Brombert, Steele & Colfax, Roland Bowling Band, The Dead Side, Cory Mon, Amy Kress, Jet Edison, Jeffrey Dallet, Amber Davies, Pietro Foresti, Casualty of God, Sami Davis, Mawule, American Blackout, Bianca Mikahn, Cobary Jam, We Are Doom, Forests of Azure, Sugar Skulls & Marigolds, Monroe Monroe, Prophet, The Driftin’ Suns, Williams Ink, Lost Caravan, Natural Balance, Minsky Blackouts, Lyke Giants, Reckless in Vegas, Velari, Mournings End, Derek Teague Band, Cherry Tigris, Jamal From Indiana, Abused Romance, Mule Dixon, Facing New York, Air Dubai, Psuedo Kids, Story of Sound, My Glorious, Here II Here, Ben Brown, Live at Subs, Naked in Public, Forever GoldRush, Metal Heads with Broken Hearts .