The Spot Studios Client List

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Kayla Marque, The Pierce Brothers, Holdfast, Portes,  The Motet, Kim Hairston, In The Variant, Immortal Synn, Jordan From Earth, Float Like a Buffalo, Plain Faraday, Future Things, Brendan John Pugh, Vai Patri, The Bell Jar, Showbread, Hello Mountain, Girlfriend Duties, Cleanzed Soul, Bobby Dunham, Jason Ford, Casey Angstead, Luke Mather, Major Glen,Hot Sisters, Glass Cases, Black Canaries, Jon Drake, Chloe Brandow, Sam Gillis, McKenna Nading, Everignite, Waiting Til Three, Denver Burglar Alarm, SAD!, Grant Daniel Reed, Mirror Fields, Trisha Adams, Totochtin, Rima the Prince, Rock Ridge Ramblers, Indigenous Robots, Mercury Vines, Goinomadic, The Mazlows, Bad Nostalgia, Safe Under the Tree, Knight Groove, Jeremy Strand, Stray the Course, Andrew Yacavone, Zobomaze, Goldlush Publishing, Stella Nova, Flahoola, Fat Stallion, Florea, Two Faces West, KD and the Damn Kids, Mark Boykins, Rache Love, Nick Wolf,Tokyo Rodeo, Saddle of Southern Darkness, Cody Statz, Mule Dixon, Marisa Nikole, The Truth & The Spectacle, Get Along, Kali Rae, Dead End Drivers, Air Dubai (Hopeless Records), VTM, Lauren Brombert, Steele & Colfax, Roland Bowling Band, The Dead Side, Cory Mon, Amy Kress, Jet Edison, Jeffrey Dallet, Amber Davies, Pietro Foresti, Casualty of God, Sami Davis, Mawule, American Blackout, Bianca Mikahn, Cobary Jam, We Are Doom, Forests of Azure, Sugar Skulls & Marigolds, Monroe Monroe, Prophet, The Driftin’ Suns, Williams Ink, Lost Caravan, Natural Balance, Dan Croll (Turn First Records), Ash Radcliffe, Bad Valet, Apologies, The Derek Teague Band, Everyday Heroes, The Squid Kids, Honeytree Whiskey, The Hunger Artist, LoadStoned, Moriah Woods, Lauren Brombert, Race To Neptune, Thoughtpilot, Rachel and the Ruckus, Sam Hozdulick, Sabertooth’t, KOAN, Wasteland Hop, Skytown, The Jacob Cade Project, The Other Black, Backseat Vinyl, Rachel Alena, Dreams & Doorways, Stephanie Mae, Will Whalen, Golden Age, No More Excuses, Showbread, R Michael Rhodes, Souvenir Thread, Afro Nixon, Interstate 10, Harmony Drive, Hypnotic Vibes, Signs and Signals, Medicine Machine, Open To The Hound, Crimson Crows, Jon Drake, Laura Brehm, Tony Dollar, Deja Cinema, Bonne Finken, Pressbox, Rise from Grace, Brittany Williams and The Unstoppables, Pat Pierson, Indigenous Robot, Tyler Royse, Midnight Pressure, Bury the Doubt, Christian Olson, and you could be next!

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