Drums provide the heartbeat of the music, so it’s critical to get the sound exactly right. We take pride in our drum sounds and have gone to great lengths to make sure they’re some of the best. Our in-house Thumper Drums kit delivers a big, punchy sound, and our collection of high-end microphones makes sure the sound is captured authentically.

The Cathedral is our primary drum room. With its stone floors, brick-and-windowed walls and 25-foot vaulted ceilings, The Cathedral delivers epic, rock drum tones. Looking for more of a disco sound? We’ve got that too. The Theatre, our secondary room, offers tight, dry, in-your-face tones. For a more modern sound, we also provide a large selection of samples from 808 to Linn Drums.

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  • 1 Thumper 22″ Kick Drum
  • 1 Thumper 10″ Tom
  • 1 Thumper 12″ Tom
  • 1 Thumper 14″ Tom
  • 1 Thumper 16″ Tom
  • 1 Ludwig Black Beauty Snare
  • 1 Cherry Bubinga Snare
  • 1 PDP 10′ Snare
  • A variety of cymbals
  • A wide variety of hand percussion