Gear at The Spot

Having quality gear is great, but knowing how to use it is better.

The Spot can handle any project. With a passionate production team and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re fully equipped to bring any music to life.

The centerpiece of our studio is our 56-channel Euphonix CS-2000. The CS-2000 offers digitally controlled analog circuitry, which allows for the warmth of analog processing and the speed and flexibility of digital recall. Its comprehensive automation system allows for the automation of every parameter of the board. The EQs are musical and the pres deliver pristine low-noise recordings.

When we look to color our recordings, we turn to our collection of outboard pre-amps and compressors, which work wonders on live instrumentation. Our all-tube vocal chain delivers world-class results and makes recording vocals a pleasure for our clients.

For more modern productions, our Pro Tools 10 HD rig is packed with the best plug-ins, software synths and drum machines.


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  • 56 Channels of Euphonix CS 2000
  • Fully Automatable and Recallable
  • 2 Vintech x73i Pre/EQ
  • 2 UA 610 Pre/EQ/LA-2A Comp
  • 1 UA 4710D (4 Channels of Tube Pres/1176)
  • 1 Retro 176 Tube Compressor
  • 1 Empirical Labs Distressor
  • 1 Overstayer Stereo Compressor
  • 2 DBX 160XT
  • 1 DBX 120X Subharmonic Synthesizer
  • 1 AN-2 Stereo Simulator
  • 2 Yamaha REV 7s
  • 2 Yamaha D1500s
  • Mac Pro (3.0 Octo-core, 16 Gb Ram, Lion)
  • Pro Tools 10HD
  • SSL Alpha Link Converters (48 I/O)
  • Digi Sync HD
  • Individual Headphone monitoring